Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blackberry & Coconut Tartlets

Tonight I had my dear friend Lesley over for some much needed catching up. As always, our meet-ups revolve around food. We are slowly hopping around Ottawa to all of the foodiest places we can find. Favourites so far include: Moonroom, Oz, Town and Two Six {Ate}. On the list of places yet to be visited: Union, Side Door, Trio, Absinthe. Soon enough!

But when we're feeling a bit more lazy or possibly broke, I just make a dinner for us and we eat in. Tonight the menu included curried cauliflower soup & these beauties of a dessert!... My very own creation of shortbread tartlets with homemade coconut curd, blackberries & lemon zest. Dang.

Alas, the night is not young- not when I have to get up for 5:20 AM... so I'll leave you with some pictures, with the recipes to follow....

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