Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ombre Petal Cake

It's been far too long since my last recipe post. But this post is a FANTASTIC post, so it makes up for it. I've been planning this cake for a couple weeks. I knew I wanted to make my friend Kaley a cake for her birthday, and was originally going to try and use fondant, but I went for a frosted cake instead using a swiss meringue buttercream. This way it looks and tastes delicious. This cake is a three layer vanilla cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, both of which were recipes obtained from Sweetapolita.

The effect looks a bit complicated but is really very easy, just time consuming. It involves making little bubbles of icing and smearing them with a small palette knife. The frosting was just made in increasingly more vibrant colours and used to create an ombre or gradient effect down the side of the cake. If you ever want a birthday cake made, I'd be happy to try and work something out ;)

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