Saturday, 5 January 2013

Des Macarons

Happy Saturday,

I've been meaning to try these out for quite a while now. And I definitely have not perfected them in any way on my first try, but I would not say these were a failure! Although they did have some flaws, they look decent for the first try and taste spectacular. They even developed feet! (Something that can be screwed up easily)

French macarons. Not to be confused with macaroons. Delicate, beautiful cookies that melt in your mouth. While they may seem fairly simple with only five standard ingredients, they are hell for an amateur like moi. In my recipe books, and in the blogs I follow, the macrons recipes have troubleshooting guides with lists upon lists of things that could go wrong in the process. This includes tedious things like;

- The oven temperature was slightly too low
- You did not fold the batter enough
- The batter was over-mixed


Crazy intimidating, in my opinion. But it was time to at least try. After all, there is a first for everything. I am not going to post the recipe, as I am no expert on these at all, however I will direct you to my primary source of information at Sprinkle Bakes Macaron Mania.

So improvements for next time? Reduce my oven temperature; the insides of the macarons were browned, and this does not usually happen.

Use a superfine sugar, as opposed to standard white sugar (which I was warned NOT to do, but they were still edible in my opinion, I'd like to compare though.)

Add more food colouring; though i'm a fan of the pale pastels, I think a bold colour would have been prettier.

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