Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday blues cupcakes

hey guys! so this is my first post...obviously that's cupcake worthy.

i have been asked to make cupcakes for someone's baby shower next weekend and since i hadn't tried putting much effort into decorating cupcakes in the past, i decided i should start. this week i went and bought some tools:

  • wilton featherlight piping bag
  • wilton piping tips
i knew the basics of how to pipe icing, but had never tried. and even trickier was the idea of having to make a frosting with the right consistency to hold up when piped. 

....but, i am happy to report, that it all worked out amazingly! can't imagine the calorie count of these....

sad to report the cupcakes themselves were made from a box.... this experiment was really all about the icing.

 the finished product

my first attempt at an icing rose.

my second, and much better attempt.

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